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MARLENE LINDMARK (born 1975) is an artist with a Master of Fine Art (National collage of art and design Oslo, Norway) based in Öland, Sweden. More information at marlenelindmark.com.
Phone: +46 70 883 45 30
Mail: marlenelindmark(at)yahoo.com

SIMON JOHANSSON (born 1963) is a freelance photographer and journalist based in Stockholm,
Sweden. More information at simonjohansson.se.
Phone: +46 733 84 08 42
Mail: simon(at)simonjohansson.se

ABOUT ”ANIMALS” (painting/collage on canvas)
In “Animals” different techniques meet. First we mix photos and drawings to create digital sketches wich serves as models for the paintings. The backgrounds are composed with scraps of street art, teared down stickers and photographed graffitti.

2012 Himmelsberga Museum, Öland.
2011 Marie Laveau, Stockholm.
2010 LeBazart Gallery, New York.
2010 Riche, Stockholm.
2009/2010 ”Sydosten”, Kalmar Konstmuseum.
2009 Kultivator, Öland.

Original paintings (40×40 cm), prints (numbered limited editions), cards (15×15 cm). Please contact us if you have any questions.

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